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I am a pack rat, I like to collect memories and hold on to the past and thus it is inevitable that I often stumble across one of my long forgotten collection and waste hours reminiscing. So I found some of my old poems and though they make me cringe I'd like to know what others think of them. So if anyone is wondering why on earth there are incoherent rambling and senseless sketches filling my gallery that’s why.

Why am i here?
not a clue
all i can say is that i love art and hopefully there is someone out there to point me in to the right direction of how to use this thing.
i hope to make friends on this site
well one i can talk about my secret love of art ;D

warning: i am random, sarcastic, and a littlebit of a wise ass but i think i'm nice enough.:P
  • Listening to: Evenesence
  • Drinking: Fanta Fruit twist